Thursday, 19 June 2014

Art Licks Weekend 2013

 Ilona Sagar, Human Factors, ALW with Art on the Underground. Photo: George Howard

 Miriam Austin, Objects for a Mourning, Photo: Mariona Otero

 Ilona Sagar, Human Factors, Photo: Mariona Otero

 JocJonJosch, Worstward Ho! River Lea, Photo: Limner Studio

Now, if one returns to melancholy, Pauline Michnowska, Photo: Mariona Otero

Erchen Chang & Kitty Clark, Photo: Mariona Otero

The Art Licks Weekend is an integral part of Art Licks’ development as an organisation. The festival reinforces Art Licks’ aims to support and celebrate the work of young artists, whilst increase recognition for the emerging and not-for-profit side of the London art scene to public audiences.

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