Saturday, 23 January 2010

Buckminsterfullerene Dream

There is a good reason this was the Art Licks' event of the week. Sometimes the enthusiasm for organising a pop - up gallery can get in the way of the quality of a show, but Space In Between know what they're doing, with both enthusiasm and curating having worked effectively together rather than against one other!

Space In Between is an artist collective in London who open pop - up galleries around the Capital to platform emerging talent.

Blog Apology

They say if you have a blog, you must update it at least once a week. With this in mind I will admit, I have broken the rules and apologise for this blog betrayal... but I do have a fairly good excuse having launched a new website this month:

What is that!? - Art Licks is an online platform for emerging London art activities and new initiatives. The website offers publicity to art events in the capital that have limited budgets in press and marketing. The website acts as the primary information point for art audiences, providing a weekly events listing alongside feature articles, seeking out the best up and coming artist run spaces, artist collectives, curatorial groups, exhibitions, performances and publication events.

So yeah... I have my excuses. I promise to do better though. x