Thursday, 25 September 2014

Art Licks Weekend 2014

Returning for a second year, the Art Licks Weekend represents the independent, grassroots side of the London art scene.

The galleries, artist-run spaces and curatorial projects that Art Licks works with deliver exciting and forward-thinking programmes. During the Art Licks Weekend, these spaces will be open for the public to visit with special events and exhibitions of work by emerging artists. The festival wants to celebrate the creative energy of this young London art scene.

View the full festival programme on our website:

3 - 5 October 2014
Daily, 12-6pm
Opening night: Thurs 2 Oct, 6-9pm

Featuring the grassroots of visual culture in London, September’s Friday Late is a collaboration between the V&A and Art Licks and acts as a prelude to the Art Licks Weekend.
Friday 26 September 2014, 6.30-10pm
Victoria & Albert Museum, London

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Art Licks, Issue 14 launch at 38b

All Images Copyright Art Licks, 2014

With thanks to Nicolas Burrows, Luke Drozd, Jenny Moore and Eva Rowson
Saturday 11 May at 38b
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Art Licks, Issue 14

All Images Copyright Art Licks, 2014

Featuring: Pio Abad, Kiera Blakey, Jenna Bliss, Jessie Bond, Leah Capaldi, Kitty Clark, Patrick Coyle, Freddy Dewe Mathews, Benjamin Eastham, Lionel Eid, Magda Fabianczyk, Sophie Halart, Lily Hall, They Are Here, Steve Hurtado, Elise Lammer, Megan Rooney, Eva Rowson, José da Silva, Sophia Starling, Jim Woodall, Alma Zevi
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Art Licks Weekend 2013

 Ilona Sagar, Human Factors, ALW with Art on the Underground. Photo: George Howard

 Miriam Austin, Objects for a Mourning, Photo: Mariona Otero

 Ilona Sagar, Human Factors, Photo: Mariona Otero

 JocJonJosch, Worstward Ho! River Lea, Photo: Limner Studio

Now, if one returns to melancholy, Pauline Michnowska, Photo: Mariona Otero

Erchen Chang & Kitty Clark, Photo: Mariona Otero

The Art Licks Weekend is an integral part of Art Licks’ development as an organisation. The festival reinforces Art Licks’ aims to support and celebrate the work of young artists, whilst increase recognition for the emerging and not-for-profit side of the London art scene to public audiences.

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Art Licks, Issue 13

All Images Copyright Art Licks, 2013

Featuring: Mark Barker, Lucy Beech, Martin John Callanan, Erchen Chang, Patrick Coyle, Ben Eastham, Camilla Emson, Ian Giles, Ted Klonz, Lawrence Lek, Naomi Pearce, Ilaria Puri Purini, Tom Railton, Sophie Risner, Katie Schwab, Jack Strange, Liam Wright-Higgins
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Art Licks, Issue 12

All Images Copyright Art Licks, 2013

Featuring: Alessandro Adriani, Sam Austen, Kiera Blakey, Daniel Bor, Rob Chavasse, Patrick Coyle, Charles Dagit, Bobby Dowler, Ben Eastham, Nicolas Feldmeyer, Blue Firth, Ian Giles, Oliver Hicks, James Prevett, Sophie Risner, Daniel Shanken, Grant Smith, Anna Chrystal Stephens, Paul Timofeev, Viktor Timofeev, Holly White
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Art Licks, Issue 11

All Images Copyright Art Licks, 2013

Featuring: Harry Burke, Alex Chinneck, Patrick Coyle, Sophie von Cundale, Justin Eagle, Ben Eastham, Sebastian D. Eastham, Ian Giles, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, James Hines, Charlie Hood, Bruce Ingram, William Lunn, Sophie Michael, Barnie Page, Sophie Risner, Giles Round, Janna Ullrich, Jesse Wine
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Art Licks, Issue 10

All Images Copyright Art Licks, 2013