Sunday, 3 July 2011

Camille at The Sunday Painter

Alex Rathbone 'Lots of noise with two buddies', 2011

The Sunday Painter is one of my favourite South London destinations, so I was excited to see their latest exhibition, Camille.

For those Red Dwarf fans out there, the name of this exhibition will get your hearts pumping. For those, like myself whose knowledge of Red Dwarf is slightly limited: Camille is the name given to the ‘pleasure gelf’ (Genetically Engineered Life Form – of course…) that appears in an episode of the famed series.

Camille has the ability to project to whom ever is looking at her, the image of their perfect companion. It is not how Camille wants to be seen, but how the viewer perceives her.

It is this idea of the imaginative and fanciful, that artists Alex Rathbone and Jill Mason play with in their work. Intriguing paintings and sculptures composed of wood, string and resin grab your attention and let curiosity take hold.

The star of the show for me was Rathbone’s Dalek blowing into a Tannoy, 2011. This mixed media sculpture is a dream – its character both playful and feisty, lures you in to the middle of the room. Presented as if they have just been unlocked out of the wooden boxes around them, this is a mysterious treasure trove that is a delight to unearth.

The Sunday Painter

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