Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Art Licks, Issue 18

Featuring: Rachael Allen, Miriam Austin, Sophie Chapman, Elena Colman, Matthew Drage, Rosa Farber, Cicely Farrer, Francis Field, Jonathan Freemantle, Matt Grayson, Christopher Green, Paul Gwilliam, Lily Hall, Anna Hughes, Marie Jacotey, Boris Jardine, Kerri Jefferis, Emily Jones, Marianne Keating, The Litany Reading Group, Megan Rooney, Eva Rowson, Sarah Thacker.
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Art Licks Weekend 2015

Returning for its third year, the Art Licks Weekend represents the independent, grassroots side of the London art scene.

The galleries, artist-run spaces and curatorial projects that Art Licks works with deliver exciting and forward-thinking programmes. During the Art Licks Weekend, these spaces are open for the public to visit with special events and exhibitions of work by emerging artists. The festival celebrates the creative energy of this young London art scene.

View the full festival programme:

2 - 4 October 2014
Daily, 12-6pm
Opening night: Thurs 1 Oct, 6-9pm

Art Licks, Issue 17

Featuring: Jeremy Atherton Lin, Jessie Bond, Lola Bunting, Phoebe Davies, Signe Havsteen, Jack Conway Hems, James A. Holliday, Oskar Jakobsen, Elinor Morgan, David Murphy, Guy Robertson, David Stupple, Anna Vestergaard, Max Wade.
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Monday, 17 August 2015

GROUNDWORK, 1 Aug - 27 Sept 2015, New Art Centre

                                              all photos: Jack Hems

A group exhibition curated by Holly Willats and Alma Zevi. Five emerging artists respond to Roche Court's history and natural setting in new and surprising ways:

Miriam Austin
Rob Chavasse
Freddy Dewe Mathews
Tom Lovelace
David Murphy

Exhibited is a broad selection of media: sculpture, film, drawing and photography, with each artist making new work for the gardens of Roche Court, alongside further new and existing works shown in the indoor galleries.

New Art Centre, Roche Court, Salisbury, Wiltshire

Monday, 23 March 2015

Art Licks, Issue 16

Featuring: Sam Austen, Anna Baskakova, Tatiana Baskakova, Gabriel Birch, Mo Bottomley, Toby Christian, Patrick Coyle, Michael Dumontier, Tom Seymour Evans, Neil Farber, Christopher Green, The Grubby Mitts, Ole Hagen, Lily Hall, James A. Holliday, Rye Dag Holmboe, Margherita Huntley, Candice Jacobs, Mark James, Ross Jardine, Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau, John Lawrence, Sophie Lee, Mark William Lewis, Lucy Maria, Tessa Norton, Sean Payne, Melanie Pocock, Simon Raven, Eva Rowson, Joe Saunders, Zoë Sawyer, José da Silva, Bob Stanley, Nathan Thomas, Harry Weeks, and Gareth Wild.
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Art Licks, Issue 16 launch at DKUK

With thanks to Daniel Kelly
Friday 27 February 2015 at DKUK

Art Licks, Issue 15

Featuring: Miriam Austin, Hannah Barton, Anita Di Bianco, Patrick Coyle, Marcus Foster, Adam Nathaniel Furman, Elizabeth Graham, Christopher Green, James A. Holliday, Rupert Horsley, Jeremy Hutchison, Amalie Jakobsen, Mark James, Mat Jenner, Lucy Joyce, Marie-Rose Kahane, Paul Kneale, Xavier Poultney, Chris Rawcliffe, Jasmine Raznahan, Megan Rooney, Sofia Stevi, Will Strong, John Tremblay, Heather Welsh, and Alma Zevi.
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